• I have been dancing for 20+ yrs.
  • I have been a dance instrcutor since I was 20.
  • I opened my first dance studio when I turned 24.
  • I have been dancing in the professional circuit since I was 27.
  • Many of my recurrent students have won world titles.

I started dancing jazz and ballet when I was a little girl and had a passion for dance that grew into partnership dancing at the age of 18. I started taking dance classes at Kansas University and continued at Wichita State when I made the move back to Wichita. I became an instructor at my first studio at the age of 20, it wasn’t long before I was taking my first student to compete pro/am at various competitions in the United States. I then went on to open up my own studio with 2 partners at the age of 24, where I was co-owner for 9 years. At the age of 27 I started competing in the professional circuit at various competitions in the United States. Presently I am training and competing with my pro/am students, some having won World Titles. I also continue to teach those who just want to learn to dance. Whether it’s for a wedding, date night or just something new and fun that they want to try, I’m here to guide them. Now, as one of the founders of “A Step Ahead Dance Studio” I want to continue to teach my love and passion for dance to others.